Balanced buildings

Create a safe, inspiring and climate-friendly workplace

Resource efficiency, cost savings, health, cooperation, indoor climate. These are all parameters that need to be incorporated in the operation of modern office buildings. Globeteam’s Facility Management Intelligence solution covers areas such as productivity, building management, sustainability and health; helping you design a hybrid workplace of the future.


Happy employees perform better

Alone time or cooperation? 
Easy booking of offline and online meeting rooms

Resource capacity 
Overview of available and occupied meeting room facilities

Office integration 
Interface for calendar, for example

Good morning, here is a free parking space 
Integration to the parking system at arrival

Read more about Globeteam’s
data-based solution for office buildings


Reduce resource consumption

Interview: Data-based
building optimisation increases the asset’s value



1. Use less, save more
Intelligent management of water, heat and electricity
2. Better indoor climate
Easy and quick adjustment of heat and ventilation
3. Who and how many will come for lunch?
Data-based purchasing reduces food waste in the canteen
4. Data-based cleaning service
Clean the places that actually need cleaning


Digital support of climate objectives

What is your sustainability story?
Strengthen your image in the market

Which screws can you adjust?
A digital overview of your optimisation options


A good workplace is a safe workplace

A crowded canteen?
Intelligent use of location data

Display information
Central management of health policies on the building’s screens

A day at the office or working from home?
Use calendar information and location data to plan the workdayn


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